January 4, 2014

Roxy Music - "Ladytron" (1972) Old Grey Whistle Test

Does it get any better than Ferry/Eno-era Roxy?


  1. Of course the answer is no! When you consider this was 1972 Roxy Music, which then included Brian Eno who was the first to admit he wasn't a musician, were recording music that was so incredibly weird, different, yet compelling. Most, including me, didn't know what to think. Was this an inside joke? Were they just an act?

    1. I want to say something super-smart like those last two questions are what they wanted you to think, but really, I just dig the guitar player's shades ;)

  2. insect glasses, foxy sleepy eyed Ferry, golden gloves on the trip-out machine and what is that? An f-ing oboe? It's heavenly....