November 15, 2013

Cindytalk - Camouflage Heart (1984/2007)

Exceedingly dark, cathartic, and at times, virtually unhinged, Gordon Sharp's early-80s incarnation of Cindytalk was a dazzlingly self-indulgent gloom-fest that anticipated the industrial-rock movement years before the genre even had a name. Best known for his fine contributions to the first This Mortal Coil project, It'll End in Tears, Sharp's work in Cindytalk is far more visceral and far less ethereal than what was emanating from the 4AD label at the time. While Gothic in mood, Camouflage Heart, Cindytalk's 1984 debut, has a dirty, gritty undertow that makes it sound something like Peter Murphy in full vampire-mode fronting The Birthday Party (in fact, Mick Harvey appears on "Under Glass"). On the standout track,"The Ghost Never Smiles," Sharp's eerie, wailing vocals sound like they are emanating from the bottom of a well as a dull tribal beat and guitar feedback carry the song toward what feels like a free-fall into the abyss. Truly harrowing stuff. Want to join me there?

Camouflage Heart (2007 Remastered Edition)
1. It's Luxury
2. Insctinct (Backtosense)
3. Under Glass
4. Memories of Skin and Snow
5. The Spirit Behind the Circus Dream
6. The Ghost Never Smiles
7. A Second Breath
8. Everybody Is Christ
9. Disintegrate...

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