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If you would like to contact Sister Ray, Voixautre or both of us, please send along an email to the following address:

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  1. Just discovered you (again). It's great to have you back. There are so few blogs and I always looked forward to your posts.

  2. Charles,

    so good to hear from you. I have missed doing this so much. I am going to repost many of the posts from the old blogs (but improved versions) and write new posts (Rain Parade was my first big one for the new blog). This time around, I have a partner who will also write original reviews. She is starting a Manchester series in a few days. Hope to hear from you often :)

  3. Just love this site! Music really does matter

    1. thank you. Completely agree about the music. I would be dead without it

    2. I know exactly what you mean. Really.

      Lookin forward to lots more musical treats, hats off to you

  4. Hola,
    I am happy to find this phoenix of a blog as I am desperate to find the Blur Singles Boxset as it was on the previous blog.
    I asked several times for re upload.
    I hope this is something that can be real now.
    Cheers and Good luck for the newborn,

  5. Voixaute, so good to find you here again! Looking foreward to the new reviews! ... Are you on facebook already?

  6. Wonderful site. Really creative features, great concept, brilliantly presented and interesting taste. I read your True West feature with great interest as I was writing something about them on my own blog and gave a link to you here . It also inspired me to order Hollywood Holiday which sounds really exciting. So cheers again!

  7. Come back, your stuff was great.