November 17, 2013

Vision for Only the Lonely

Hello everyone,

Sister Ray and I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful start to the new blog. I have missed the sharing community very much and it feels so right to be back. We are aware that the climate for blogs like this has changed over the past few years; however, we are dedicated to keeping this going for as long as possible. Much like the Luna blogs, we will be writing original reviews and articles covering everything from Orbison to surf-rock to mod-beat to psychedelia to glam to punk to post-punk and beyond. We will be starting several series soon featuring Joy Division / New Order, The Velvet Underground (a series I had started on Meta (~) Luna), and coming very soon: Unreflected: A Genealogy of Mazzy Star in Five Parts (I. Rain Parade, II. Opal, III. Mazzy 1, IV. Warm Inventions, V. Mazzy 2), each installment of which will include multiple downloads. Sister Ray's upcoming series on Joy Division / New Order will dig deep into the grimy back-ways of Thatcher-era Manchester. Keep coming back and hit the follow button on the right- there are many exciting things in store


Mazzy Star at The Wiltern, Los Angeles, Nov. 7- Sister Ray & I are somewhere in the shadows


  1. Good to see you back again. Expecting high level of musicality here. Again, glad to see you back.

  2. thank you. We are hoping to take this to a new level

  3. It's absolutely wonderful to be given the opportunity to be a part of this.

  4. I agree! Thank you for doing this with me :)