January 4, 2014

Mazzy Star- "Into Dust" (1993)

It's been a somber morning that only Mazzy Star can begin to explain.  
Here's something I wrote a while back that tragically resonates with me now.  
"This is Where I'll Be"
As the blood recedes from my veins,

And begins to pool around my brain,
I think of a boundless future.
As my teeth grace the pavement,
And my heart turns frigid,
I think of endless possibilities.
Useless among these warm bodies.
Infinitude found only amidst the clouds.
Remember, the music will always save us.

1 comment:

  1. Haven't been in a long while...but that's how we are. We walk the planet within the same time frame...sometimes we cross, sometimes we never make contact. But we're here, Making a little scratch on the glass. You've made plenty of scratches. And a great deal of us are happy with your scars, Stick around dood. Tickle us further.